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I AM WELLness®

Carly Chamberlain is a wellness writer, podcaster @spasisterspodcast, and founder of the I AM WELLness® Method.   Carly shares and inspires others to 'discover your inner therapist' through authentic energy cleansing retreats, workplace wellbeing events, and within the global spa and hospitality network.

"We are what we do consistently. Health and happiness are not something you magically get and keep forever. The gateway to real transformation is in simple, daily rituals" ~Carly Chamberlain~Founder of the I AM WELLness® Method, Author of "Listening Through My Hands, what is your body saying to you?" 

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Carly was tired, overwhelmed, and struggling with burnout, unresolved trauma, and the day-to-day duties that motherhood brings.  Although she was a holistic health educator, Carly realised that many self-care and yogic practices were unrealistic and unattainable, adding more ‘to-dos to an already time-sensitive daily routine.

With a therapeutic toolbox at her fingertips, Carly wanted to capture the fundamental elements that make the difference to your day being just 'Fine' to 'Fantastic'. 

The I AM WELLness®  Method was born.

I AM WELLness retreat image, people laying in a circle on mats while in part of the retreat meditations.

I AM WELLness® Retreats and Events

Basque in true holistic healing, through ancient yogic rituals, the power of self-talk, and simple living concepts.  Unravel your past to unlock authentic joy held in the body's intelligence. 

Carly Chamberlain with her head down slightly as if she were writing.

Training & Consultancy 

Being a qualified multi-disciplinary therapist and educator for award-winning spa & wellness brands, Carly has over 15 years of holistic health experience.  Carly has created and developed authentic wellness & treatment concepts and successfully launched brands to the global market.  

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