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Carly Chamberlain is the author of ‘Listening Through My Hands, What Is Your Body Saying to you?’

Carly's book, "Listening through my hands, what is your body saying to you?" on a white background
Carly, drinking from a cup, holding flowers in her hand while sitting on a wall in a garden


For the busy, burnt-out, stressed and disconnected.  A part memoir and part practical guide that helps people hang up their hang-ups and discover their inner therapist through the power of the I AM WELLness® Method.


Designed by Carly Chamberlain in 2017, the

I AM WELLness® method is a carefully curated programme of self-healing rituals based on time-honoured knowledge with a modern application. 

I AM WELLness® starts with self-talk! Do you speak to yourself with love or loathing? Discovering the abusive internal dialogue we speak about ourselves can be the real difference between a life half lived and a life full of love- self-love.   You will be guided through tailored self-love somatic healing, yogic breathing, self-care techniques, sattvic nutrition and powerful affirmations for emotional and physical release- without having to retreat to the Himalayas for months! (yet)


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