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The I AM WELLness Method 


Carly Chamberlain is the author of ‘Listening Through My Hands, What Is Your Body Saying to you?’ A practical guide which helps people hang up their hang up’s and discover their inner therapist through the power of the I AM WELLness™ Method.


Designed by Carly Chamberlain in 2017, the

I AM WELLness™ method is a carefully curated programme of self-healing rituals based on time honoured knowledge with a modern application. 

I AM WELLness starts with self-talk! You will be guided through tailored self-love somatic healing, yogic breathing, self-care techniques, sattvic nutrition and powerful affirmations for emotional and physical release- without having to retreat to the Himalayas for months! (yet)

I AM WELLness Retreats

Be guided through the transformational I AM WELLness Method TM – a carefully curated programme of self healing rituals.

Our retreats will help you unlock deep rooted tension and fears, bringing you closer to your self worth.

With this new found peaceful power, many areas of your life will be re-ignited.

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Self talk

Self care

Self love



Training & Consultancy 

Workplace Wellbeing 

With a therapeutic toolbox at her fingertips and 15+ years of experience in the complementary, spa and alternative health space,  Carly wanted to capture the fundamental self-care elements that really make a difference to every spa therapist's day. 

Recharge, Renew, Retreat: Unwind with Our Spa Therapist Retreat Experience! 

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