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I AM unwilling to I AM willing

I AM unworthy to I AM worthy

I AM unwell to I AM WELLness


'My focus is to help people understand that physical and emotional pain are connected and can impact every decision we make, from a negative body image to our everyday choices. Imagine your potential if you were free to feel and look fabulous whenever you want? The choice really is yours!' 

~ Carly Chamberlain


It is in my nature to want to help people feel better which is why it felt so natural to learn my profession. When I am in treatment or studio, focusing on someone else and how to help them be well, my energy shifts and I feel aligned with my soul’s purpose. But it hasn’t always been that way.


My journey to wellness has been bumpy and disheartening. Especially when I realized that no-one but me can take responsibility for my health and happiness.

For a long time, anxiety ruled my life. Add in a debilitating knee injury, a major road traffic accident and one might say my nervous system was shot to pieces! In this period of my life, I didn’t know how to separate my best intentions from the thoughts and feelings that were influencing me. To comfort my confused self, I would overindulge. To vent my frustration, I would have regular emotional outbursts. I realized that my anxiety had taken over and this was the cause of my body being in pain, my skin being unbalanced and my mood highly agitated. AKA CHRONIC STRESS!


So, I went to my default settings - FIGHT, FLIGHT FREEZE. I switched off from being present! I would find my way then, find no way out when working 14-hour days in an industry that aims to promote work-life balance. Throw in becoming a new wife and a new mum and enough was enough. I felt anxious, confused and completely sick and tired. In fact, one of my classic lines to this day is 'I feel sick'!


That's right, even when you have been living and breathing wellness work, being your best self and helping others do the same, you still have off days! My private and professional world of self-discovery was ultimately triggered by a painful past full of self-doubt. In a nutshell, I realized that we simply are what we do consistently. Therefore, health and happiness are not something you magically get and keep forever, they are instead simple, daily rituals and positive habits!


I have explored many different ways of trying to 'heal myself' but whenever I walked away from the latest workshop, retreat or new age treatment I realized no-one was there to hold my hand when I woke up the next morning, back in my reality. It's at this point where most people fall back and never truly explore what it means to be well.


What does it take to live a life of stepping out of your comfort zone? Noticing your old habits and taking honest action to maintain your health and mind? Committing to a self-care plan to see a considerable shift in your pain? Move through negativity, allow yourself to be with the sensations of anxiety until they pass? I see all this now as true fulfillment.

It takes discipline, small steps forward and a whole lot of letting go!


'When the words ‘I feel sick’ come out of my mouth now, this is my alarm siren going off. I know that this means something is out of whack. I know I need to stop whatever I am doing and focus on my self-care.'


I wrote 'Listening through my Hands...What is your body saying to you?'and designed the Wellness at Home - 25 day plan to share with you, all the rituals I do daily. I am committed to giving everyone the chance to Be Well & STAY Well the holistic way. We can take responsibility for our own health and happiness – together.




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